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Tyler County is within overnight trucking to such major North American markets as New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Washington, D.C., the Port of Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and the Port of Norfolk.

By truck, all of Tyler County’s major industrial sites are within easy access of Interstate Route 77 (30 minutes) and Interstate Routes 470/70 (50 minutes). Nearby, U.S. Route 50 also provides east/west access to major markets via a modern four-lane highway.


Tyler County businesses ship and receive both finished products and raw materials to and from domestic and international markers via the Ohio River. Accessible from Tyler County’s major industrial sites, the river is navigable throughout the year.


Tyler County is served by a north/south CSX Rail Line, with direct access to rail service via the Tyler County Development Authority’s rail spur at Bens Run.

Air Freight

Air Freight service is available at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, within a 30-minute drive of most Tyler County business sites.

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